January favourites

The first month of 2015 is almost over and I hope you still stick to all of your New Year's resolutions ;-). As of now I want to make a new monthly rubric called "January (or the concerned month) FAVs. In this new category I want to give you a quick overview of the products I came upon that month and which made a lasting impression on me. As you can see on the pictures, my favourite January things are rather similar in their use and topic, either you can eat them or paint your face with them (best combination right?).


Get your booty in shape ...

I guess you all know the saying 'A beautiful rear can also endear', but in this case we want to focus a little bit lower and with this I mean on our bum. This part of our body is probably one of the most extolled and admired things when it comes down to body sites. Somewhere deep down we all wish for a firm, round and sexy booty. Why? I think I've once read in a newspaper that unknowingly we connect a 'bigger' bottom with femininity and therefore beauty. 

However, I think we shouldn't stay at the psychological point of view but rather in the practical section: How can you achieve a firmer bottom? I've compiled a workout concluding my favorite exercises, which are mainly focusing on our back side. The workout consists of seven different exercises with 3 sets each and the headed repetitions. In this workout you will definitely feel your muscles burn. Don't forget to stretch!



Dieser Beitrag ist mal ausnahmsweise komplett in deutscher Sprache, da ich euch eine meiner neusten Partnerschaften mit einem österreichischem Unternehmen* präsentieren möchte. Fast jeder kennt mittlerweile die süßen pinken Boxen, die man auch ab und zu in Modezeitschriften vorfindet und welche die neusten und exklusivsten Kosmetik- und Beautyprodukte beinhalten. Die Rede ist von der Glossybox. Dieses Monat wurde eine spezielle "Body & Soul" Edition kreiert, woraus ich euch nun meine beiden Lieblingsprodukte vorstellen möchte.


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and ladies; I hope you are already prepared! 
No?! Well, then hurry up and take a look at my Valentine's Day essentials:

This dress by Laura Scott is truly amazing! Showing up in this dress at your Valentine's dinner will impress your date/boyfriend/husband a lot. The cherry on top of this, are definitely those Valentino Kitten-Heel Pumps. I'm dreaming of these shoes for a long time now, but unfortunately they are a bit too expensive (but I can still dream of it, right?). On Valentine's Day it is extremely important what you wear underneath your outfit (if you know what I mean).


Healthy Snacking

We all know that feeling: It's afternoon and you feel a tiny bit hungry. Not hungry enough to make yourself a big sandwich or something like that, but you feel like you could have a little snack. That's the point. I've read so often that snacking is bad for you, affects your weightloss blabla... 
That's a myth. Having a little snack once in while is not bad at all! But you have to snack the right stuff! Unfortunately a whole pack of potato chips does not count as 'a right snack'...

Here are my Top 5 foods, which are a delicious, healthy snack and support you with important nutrients:


La dolce vita

I'm a huge fan of Italy and especially of its culture and atmosphere. The traditional Italian food is not bad either, but unfortunately Pizza and Pasta aren't the healthiest meals though. With some inspiration from different recipes out of cookbooks, I created my favourite vegan Spaghetti Carbonara recipe. This dish is also very suitable if you have to cook for a bigger group of people, because it is very easy and quick and you can e.g. pre-cook the spaghetti to safe time.

Why am I trying to avoid white pasta and white flour in general?
White flour is nothing 'normal'. Most people think whole grain flour is a new intervention or something like that. White flour consists of peeled grains, without the seedling and the bran. So there is a whole lot of the important nutrients missing! Our bodies aren't able to strike those carbohydrates completely. Consequences: deposits and metabolic diseases.



No ladies, I'm going to speak out the truth: we unfortunately don't wake up like this (like Beyonce refers to in her newest song). We all do it and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. Yes, we use make-up in order to make ourselves look fresher, darker, lighter, more colourful or whatever. Not every woman wants to apply make-up on her face and that’s completely okay! I'm more the type of person who loves painting her face on certain occasions. As a matter of course I'm not making it super glamorous and complex when I'm going to have an exam at university or hurrying into the supermarket to get some apples. Just for special things like going out for dinner with my man or meeting my friends in a club (or taking pictures for my blog :P). 

However, there are often very different opinions on when, how and why to apply make-up. In my latest post about this topic I've said that it's all about 'emphasizing your natural beauty' and that’s it. 

Brushes - until I turned 20 I never knew that it is common to use brushes in order to apply foundation, concealer etc. I though only professional make-up artists use them and there is no reason why I should buy this unnecessary stuff, but that was wrong. This Christmas I got a completely new brush set and I love how professional and natural my look appears. I hated it when I had to use my fingers to blend in my foundation... it was a completely mess. 


Chocolate Addiction

Honestly, who doesn't love chocolate? I like chocolate in every imaginable size and shape e.g. chocolate cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate cakes (everything 'clean', of course) and especially chocolate mousse. This recipe is like most of my recipes very easy and quick. The only challenge here is to find good avocados. which are ripe and aren't already brown when you open them - not a easy thing in winter. 

However, I can really recommend this as a perfect dessert for parties or family reunions. Small tip at the end: Better don't reveal that there are avocados in it BEFORE they taste it. I've made the experience that some people don't want to eat it anymore when they know the 'secret'. Don't ask me why haha ;-)