Spring feelings

Yeeyyy... spring is finally here! Feeling the sunlight on my skin immediately turns me into a good mood. For me spring is the season of colours! The first flowers are growing and so do we ;-) This colourful and casual outfit turns even a rainy day into a bright one. Apart from it reminds me a little bit on those good old hippie times. So let's embrace our inner flower child (all outfit details below).

The epitome of "creen"

Maybe not the most beautiful Tiramisu, but remember: The inner values count!
A tavola non s'invecchia. That's a good old Italian proverb, which means "At the table one doesn't grow old". According to this I want to introduce one of my favourite desserts of all time: the Tiramisu. Probably now you're like: "What? Why is a tiramisu that interesting? Doesn't she want to promote healthy and balanced nutrition?". Yes you're completely right :-) The thing is, it's not a 'normal' Italian tiramisu with a lot of mascarpone, sugar, rum and things like that. It's a 'creen' version of it. Creen is the composition of the two words clean and green. This wordmix just popped out in my mind and I think it's a really cool word describing the issue concisely. So I guess you can call me the inventor haha as I never heard it anywhere before with that kind of meaning*! So that's what all my recipes are, they are creen ;-) However, this recipe is raw, vegan and extremely delicious! I've made the experience that raw recipes are often very complicated and you'll stay in the kitchen for a looooong time, but not here. I got inspired by one of Ani Phyos cooking books, but as always I modified it a bit.


Sporty Chic + Gewinnspiel

Dieses Outfit ist eines meiner persönlichen Favorites! Ich liebe die Kombination aus sportlichen und lässigen beziehungsweise eleganten Elementen, wobei hier die tollen Sneakers von Nike ein echter Hingucker sind. Obwohl es ein sehr alltagstaugliches Outfit ist, wirkt es dennoch sehr stylisch und modern. Seitdem ich den Onlineshop von SNIPES entdeckt habe, muss ich gestehen, dass ich etwas süchtig nach Sneakern geworden bin. Kein Wunder, denn immerhin findet man in diesem Shop eine Unmenge (ich will gar nicht wissen wie viele es wirklich sind, sonst hört meine Suche nie auf) an Schuhen, wobei der Fokus ganz klar auf sportlichen Sneakers liegt. Das führt mich auch schon zu meiner kleinen „Überraschung“, die ich schon lange geplant habe und nun endlich mit euch teilen kann.

GEWINNSPIEL. Ihr wollt einen 50€ Einkaufsgutschein von SNIPES gewinnen? Kein Problem. 


Prep your bags

Eating healthy while you're on the go can be a real challenge. When I think about the typical meals at the cafeteria of my university or factory canteens in general, I'm loosing my appetite. Most of the meals there (of course not in every cafeteria) are neither freshly cooked  nor tasty or healthy. However, this is no excuse for you, because there are options! I have made a habit out of my meal preperation and it works excellent. I always have some delicious food with me, which fits into my diet and satisfies me completely. Taking your own food with you can be a bit weird at the beginning, but after some time it becomes really normal and apart from that is has some good effects on your purse. This time I've made myself a tasty salad with 'Halloumi' cheese, vegetables, whole grain roll and a buttermilk smoothie with berries and banana and took it to my boyfriend's handball game. All recipe details are listed below.


Best Friends Workout

Train together, stay together! This lovely quote applies not only for couples, but also for friends! Having the same hobby such as doing sports, can be a lot of fun and weld together! Time flies if you and your friend workout together and the exercises appear easier (at least some of them). 

My best friend and me compiled a workout, which focusses on your whole body and is designed for two people. The workout consists of six moves, whereof some can be performed together at the same time and some require different positions for each person. In the letter case I would recommend to alternate between the positions after every set, but you could also stay in your position for the three rounds and then change positions. That's totally up to you.