Quick and easy

I just wanted to make a very short post about my favourite recipe when I don't have that much time for creating anything special in the kitchen...
This is also appropriate if you are on a tiny budget and cannot afford any "extraordinary" food.


5 Tips... to stay motivated

Today I decided to start a series of the topic "5 Tips to....". In the first issue I will share with you my top five tips to stay motivated and not to overcome the tempation to quit.
One of the most frequently question I get asked from people who find out that I workout 4-5 times a week is "Oh my god, how can you motivate yourself to workout that often?". Followed by the statement "I would never find the time for that".....and I can tell you in advance that 80% of the people who use this argument are wrong.

Of course this is a tough prediction for a 21-year old girl who doesn't have children, a own household and "only" a has 10-hours-per week-job and is a student. Of course in some cases it is true and having time to train is rather impossible, BUT if you really want you can accomplish anything. 

So if you're suffering on a lack of motivation or need some inspiring words to kick asses, here are my top five tips that will help you to stick to your workout routine and help you to achieve the body and physical health you are dreaming of.