back to basics...

Hey guys!
Sorry for not posting anything in the last weeks, but I was very busy on my vacation ;)

My boyfriend and I went to Dubai for one week and it was simply amazing!! We had a wonderful hotel on the palm jumeirah and did a lot of funny stuff e.g. visiting the aquaventure park at hotel Atlantis (you can't believe how big this hotel actually is). And of course we also went shopping... Dubai is a shopping paradise! It has the biggest malls of the whole world and you can buy everything there.. for me the most important shop was Victoria's secret and I bought some nice stuff there :P

What I want to tell you in this post is, that I really enjoyed my holidays and this also includes that I didn't really followed my "cleaneating rules" and ate a lot of crap (especially A LOT of nutella pancakes). And guess what? It didn't changed anything on my body. I really don't want to encourage you in eating unhealthy, but I want you to understand that living a healthy lifestyle does not restrict you on your holidays or other special occasions. That means, if you have a balanced diet throughout your normal life it is completely okay to "cheat" once a while, but it is important to find back to the healthy stuff in order to provide your body with important nutrients etc. :)

Although I enjoyed my holiday and I didn't want to leave, I was so looking forward to my chia seeds, nuts, green smoothies, oat milk and so on... I even felt that my body is missing something. 

For that reason I am going to make a 5 day detox to cleanse my body from toxins and help me to get back to my normal routine. Please do not think "Oh my god! What the hell is she doing? Detox is so bad!". Most people have a really negative (and false) opinion about detox - JUSTIFIABLY! Maybe you already heard of detox tea, pills etc... completely shit in my opinion! What I am going to do, is to eat 5 days only food in their most natural state -> no processed food, no alcohol, no coffeine (I don't drink coffee anyway), no sugar, no salt... or simple "back to the basics" :P

I follow the rules by "5 day detox by Nikki Sharp" (link in references) and I am really looking forward to it, because the recipes look truly delicious. This amazing woman is an ex-international model and I really look up to her, because she does an amazing job. The guide costs about 6€ and the foods you have to buy are of course not the cheapest ones, but hey... you only have one body and it is definitely worth the effort.

So let's do this together! Pull out your credit card and invest 6€ to feel better and nourish your body & soul! :)

Love you guys <3

...and I want to share with you some of my holiday pics! (yes, it is okay to get jealous) :D




I love smoothies! 

Nowadays smoothies are literally on everyone's lips. Why? Because they are super duper healthy, quick to make and combine different fruits and greens in one jar. There is a wide range of smoothies... for example Green Smoothies, Fruit Smoothies, Yoghurt Smoothies....

I want to share with you my favourite recipe for a Green Smoothie with some extra power in the form of "Spirulina".