The Gap Style

Due to the fact that I've got a new super professional camera for Christmas, I instantly wanted to make some new outfit pics for you (in fact my amazing boyfriend does this job for me ;-)).


Indian Inspiration

Today I've cooked this delicious indish inspired dish for my boyfriend and his brother. Although they used to eat it with chicken, they really liked my vegan version as well (not a easy thing to persuade them to eat a meal without meat). However, I definitely recommend using high-quality spices in general and especially for currys, because in my opinion they taste boring if you use cheap and already mixed herbs.


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Honestly I have to admit that I'm not a fan of those classic christmas cookies like Vanillekipferl or Linzerauge. In my opinion they are much too dry and a bit tasteless. Although I wanted to make some clean and vegan cookies for christmas and came across a good recipe, which I modified a little bit. 


Last-minute Christmas picks

All I want for christmas is...... this lovely cashmere sweater from Lodenfrey. No just kidding.. I would also be pleased with this amazing heart necklace from Snö of Sweden.

More of my favourite last-minute christmas picks....


Christmas Dinner

Christmas is just around the corner and my family is already searching for ideas what to eat on Christmas Eve. Due to the fact that some of us are vegetarian and some not, it's always a bit difficult to find a meal, which suits both types.

I really love chestnuts! I could eat them 24/7 and I think they make a perfect ingredient for all types of 'winter meals'. Another reason why I love this recipe is that it is a very quick dish. 


Shoes & Smoothies

Yesterday I dropped in by 'Julius Meinl' in Vienna and found this amazing green smoothie from True fruits and I really love it!!!! Usually I make my own smoothies and juices, but sometimes I don't have enough time to prepare one by myself. So this is a good alternative if you're on the run or even if you don't have the right equipment at home (a good blender can be really expensive). 


The hottest training gear for cold days

Ladies and Gentleman... Winter is here. 

For those like me who love to run outside in the warm sunlight, this is not always good news. When I decide to go running outside, although it has about 5 degrees, I'm currently asking myself what I is the right equipment for such low temperatures?! Is one shirt and a jacket to less or too much? Should I wear gloves or not? etc...

First of all it depends on what type of a person you are. I'm the type of a person who is always freezing and I always wear gloves and a headband. If you tend to sweat very fast and very much gloves will maybe be too much for you.

However, I want to share with you the hottest training gear for the very cold days. Take a look! 


Meine Damen und Herren... der Winter ist hier. 

Für jene unter euch, die es genauso sehr lieben wie ich, im warmen Sonnenschein laufen zu gehen, sind das nicht unbedingt gute Nachrichten. Wenn ich mich dann doch entscheide laufen zu gehen, obwohl es nur etwa eine Temperatur von 5 Grad hat, stelle ich mir immer die Frage "Woraus besteht eigentlich die richtige Ausrüstung für solch niedrige Temperaturen?". Ist eine Shirt mit einer Jacke zu wenig oder zu viel? Soll ich Handschuhe tragen oder nicht? usw...

Ein wichtiger Aspekt hierbei ist, welcher Typ du in dieser Hinsicht bist. Ich neige generell dazu, dass ich andauernd friere und trage deshalb immer Handschuhe und ein Stirnband. Ist man ein Mensch, der eher dazu neigt schnell und viel zu schwitzen, dann sind Handschuhe vielleicht etwas zu viel.

Wie auch immer, ich möchte euch die heißeste Trainingsausrüstung für die wirklich kalten Tage präsentieren. Schaut es euch an! 


Make up FAVS

I used to be very helpless when it comes down to make up. I didn't know what, how and why to put on certain stuff, so I ended up by applying some mascara and concealer and voilà. Although I had the feeling that there is more behind this topic and I simply was interested in how to make myself even more beautiful (just joking around). Of course every woman is naturally beautiful and most of us actually don't need any make up at all, but let's be honest, we all have our 'bad' days where we hadn't got enough sleep or anything like that and make up is our knight in shining armor.