No ladies, I'm going to speak out the truth: we unfortunately don't wake up like this (like Beyonce refers to in her newest song). We all do it and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. Yes, we use make-up in order to make ourselves look fresher, darker, lighter, more colourful or whatever. Not every woman wants to apply make-up on her face and that’s completely okay! I'm more the type of person who loves painting her face on certain occasions. As a matter of course I'm not making it super glamorous and complex when I'm going to have an exam at university or hurrying into the supermarket to get some apples. Just for special things like going out for dinner with my man or meeting my friends in a club (or taking pictures for my blog :P). 

However, there are often very different opinions on when, how and why to apply make-up. In my latest post about this topic I've said that it's all about 'emphasizing your natural beauty' and that’s it. 

Brushes - until I turned 20 I never knew that it is common to use brushes in order to apply foundation, concealer etc. I though only professional make-up artists use them and there is no reason why I should buy this unnecessary stuff, but that was wrong. This Christmas I got a completely new brush set and I love how professional and natural my look appears. I hated it when I had to use my fingers to blend in my foundation... it was a completely mess. 

Nowadays there are like 7 billion different brushes on the market and as a make-up newbie I had no idea what to use for which area on my face. After a bit of research I found out and compiled a list of my favourite basic brushes, which I use almost every day.

Apart from that I want to indicate some more essentials for a look which appears natural though a bit stunning. 

from left to right:


from left to right:

Powder and Make-up Brush
Blusher Brush
Concealer Buffer
Liquid Make-up Brush
Eyebrow Brush

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