Sliding around

Sometimes I get a bit bored with 'normal' bodyweight training. In fact this workout is also only using your own bodyweight, but I've added some other nice things to make it even more challenging and with this I mean mouse pads. Of course you can also use small towels, paper plates or professional 'fitness slide discs'. What's the advantage of this? Those slides cause instability and therefor your muscles have to work even harder in order to hold the position. You can do so many different exercises with some simple mouse pads, but this time I'm focussing on the upper body and mostly on our abs. Always make sure to maintain a strong core and a straight back, you'll feel it when you got it right ;-).

Try to do the exercises slowly and controlled and watch your posture.
Watch the Video HERE.

Note: I'm not a professional trainer. I'm just sharing my own experience and knowledge.

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