5 tips... to stay happy in your relationship

Todays topic will get a bit personal I guess... but I think it is a very important issue to all of us. First I want to say that I am not professional counselor or something like that, but I am have been in a relationship since I was 15 years old so I think I have a tiny bit of experience, which I want to share with you.

I know.. when my boyfriend is reading this he will laugh and say "What????? This drama queen wants to tell others how to run a good relationship??" Yes honey. You only know the good sides of me yet. You don't know what you will be into in 5 years :P. No... all jokes aside.. we all make mistakes and are not perfect! But the good thing is that everybody can change!! You can change the way you thing, the way you eat, the way you speak... EVERYTHING!

Now a short summary of my previous relationships so that you can get the connection. My first relationship started when I was 15 and ended with 19. The last month of this were really horrible, because I felt so powerless. Then I met a boy, which I actually didn't really knew, but the one thing I knew was that there was something on him that fascinated and constrained me. This boy is now my boyfriend for two years and at the moment it seems like this is something really really serious (you know what I mean girls). In this time I learned a lot about myself and that I cannot change anybody, only myself!

So this leads to my 5 top tips to have the realtionship you always wanted:

1. Admit your own mistakes
This is probably the hardest thing for me. But you have to reach beyond your shadow in order to realize what you are doing wrong.

2. Talk about everything
Tell your partner what you love and why love him or her. Make compliments! But also talk about things that are disturbing you and NEVER go to sleep when you are angry on eachother (really hard - I know)

3. Avoid drama
Yesssss...... sometimes (!) I am the embodiment of drama.... But I'm working on it! Tell yourself to calm down and that drama mostly leads to nothing but stress and arguments.

4. Appreciate eachother
I take nothing for granted...Be happy that you have found a person who loves you and values you and appreciate that.

5. Train together - stay together
Sounds ridiculous but it isn't. It can definitely weld together if you train together or have the same hobby. 

So.. this shows you what you possibly can do in order to stay happy in your relationship. Of course there are some points in life where a breakup is the only solution, but this should be the worst scenario. 

The therapy session is over now.. you are now allowed to crawl in your bed and have a good book or something like that :)

Many kisses


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