My journey...

Hey guys :)

This is my first post EVER... so please be patient with me (also with my english skills ;))

First of all I want to introduce you to my 'journey'.... Since January 2014 I am constantly training to become the fittest person I am able to be. This includes living a healthy lifestyle in general as well as doing sports regularly (at least 4 times a week) and having a 'clean' diet. This may sounds a bit imprecise to you, but I will be doing my best trying to explain this principles step by step.

This picture above shows my body in Summer 2013 (left) and March 2014 (right). As you can probably see there are some differences (not much but visible) in the belly area, a bit on the hips and on my legs... and on my butt which is not in the picture ;)  At this point I want to add that I have never seen myself as fat or overweight or something like that but MY personal wish was to become fit and build lean muscles. Before I started this fitness journey I think I wasn't even able to run 5km without having a brake or nearly fainting.. This has pretty much changed now!
I am feeling more and more comfortable with my body and believe me.. if you are seeing the first results of your hard work, you will get kind of addicted to it :P (in a positive way)

My journey hasn't finished yet - not at all!! I want YOU to get curious about this and maybe you guys also want to know how far you are able to go and how hard you are willing to push yourself ;)

It's all worh it  - come on and join in ;)


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