Pancake power

Sorry for not being that active in the last time, but university is killing me... apart from that I've spent so much time in building up my NEW BLOG!!! All I can say right now is: it's getting huge :-P

I invited my girls for a delicious vegan breakfast the other day and also made some yummy vegan pancakes. I have to admit that although I loooove pancakes, I don't make them very often because I don't have enough time for it in the morning. However, I found this recipe on the internet and it turned out to be suuuper delicious and easy.


Austrian oxygen

What a weekend! My boyfriend and I spent the last three days in an amazing hotel called "Das Goldberg". It is located in beautiful "Gasteinertal", which is in Salzburg/Austria. So basically it feels like you are on top of the mountain and you can overlook the complete valley. What an amazing feeling that was! The hotel has so much to offer (pictures below) e.g. an infinity pool, three different saunas, a whirlpool, delicious food, a small gym, comfortable rooms and a lot more. You could even order a vegan dinner, which I did once and it was very tasty. Unfortunately the weather was so awful and we couldn't enjoy the natural lake with the white beach. However, we definitely savored our stay and I hope we can visit this wonderful place again soon. For all the skiing fans maybe important information: the slope is directly in front of the hotel.

Some impressions of this magnificent place.... 


Sliding around

Sometimes I get a bit bored with 'normal' bodyweight training. In fact this workout is also only using your own bodyweight, but I've added some other nice things to make it even more challenging and with this I mean mouse pads. Of course you can also use small towels, paper plates or professional 'fitness slide discs'. What's the advantage of this? Those slides cause instability and therefor your muscles have to work even harder in order to hold the position. You can do so many different exercises with some simple mouse pads, but this time I'm focussing on the upper body and mostly on our abs. Always make sure to maintain a strong core and a straight back, you'll feel it when you got it right ;-).


The best scrambled eggs....

... are made out of tofu! You don't believe me? Well, then try this recipe and I bet you will be amazed how delicious vegan scrambled eggs taste.


Education is important but big biceps are importanter

 HAHA.... This legendary and funny quote of Arnold Schwarzenegger points out on which part I'm focusing in this workout video (of course education is importantER ;-)). It's all about our biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back. My biceps is only a baby yet, but we all know "Good things come to those who sweat" and that's what you are going to do in this workout.


Outfits of the month

It's been a while since I posted an whole outfit post.... so for that reason I decided to present you a bunch of my favourite outfits I wore in the last couple of days. I hope you like them :-)
All details are listed below the pictures.


Outdoor Workout Pt.2

As I promised in one of my previous posts, I'll upload another Outdoor Workout. This time it focuses on our Abs and Obliques. Achieving a flat stomach can be really difficult and often takes a long time of hard work and discipline. If you want to get rid of fat in that area, it's actually impossible to achieve this 'only' with fitness.


My Detox Journey

The word 'detox' is literally on everyone's lips. I read a lot of articles in newspapers or blogs etc. about this topic and like almost everything in life there are pros and cons. Some experts say that detoxifying your body is a total myth and scientifically unproven. However, due to the fact that there is a sort of hype about this topic, I was really excited when I had the chance to try a 3-day detox. Now I'm going to give you a quick overview of the company, what to eat before and after the detox and how I managed during those three days.