The person behind...

So this is me... a 21 year old girl from Vienna who loves to cook delicious and healthy food, doing deadly workouts and spending time with her loved ones.
Like almost every other girl I am a real passionate shopper especially with more extraordinary stuff like organic and handmade cosmetics, high-quality brands and so on...

In about one semester I hopefully have completed my bachelor degree in 'Environment and Bio-resources Management' at University of natural resources and life sciences in Vienna.

Apart from that I am working as a model to get a little extra money and it's a kind of hobby I really really love. Even if you don't work full-time in that business it is pretty exciting and always fun. 

So.. combining all this in one lot.. my life consists of basically studying (unfortunately a lot more than I like), modeling, cleaneating (if you don't know what this means, check out my posts :P), doing sports, having fun with my friends, shopping and spending time with my boyfriend, family and of course my dog. 

On my blog I am going to give you a closer look in all if this things above which basically compose of the topics health, fashion and last but not least my passion in general :)

Any questions?

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