No gym for me please...

I don't know if it's only me or is there anybody else out there who doesn't like fitness center...?

Last weekend I got the chance to test a very hip and expensive gym here in Vienna and I have to admit that I felt really uncomfortable there. I felt really observed the whole time especially by the male gender. When I go into the gym its not my intention to talk to anyone or to catch anybodys attention!! Not at all!!! So if you're a more homeworkout type of a person like me..

I am going to share with you my Top 10 excercises for your whole body, which can be done at home even if you only have a small space left. 

1. Squat: simple and effective move for your glutes and bum

2. Plank: perfect for your back and to incorporate your abdominal muscles

3. Sit ups: some people say this move is old fashioned, but I like to do it anyway

4. Lunge: can be done stationary and also as a 'jump lunge' - with/without weights

5. Side Plank: very important to strengthen your obliques and side abs

6. Inner leg lift: did I heard somebody saying 'thigh gap' ? :P (if you don't know what I mean with this... google will tell you. There is a lot of discussion going on concerning this)

7. Donkey kicks: for thos 'apple bottom jeans'

8. X Mountain Climbers: can be done quick and slow... for lower abs

9. Commandos: yeeeeaaahhh ... who doesn't like commandos? :D definitely ME!

10. Burpess: yeeeeaaahhh.... who doesn't like that either? :D

If you don't know how a excercise should be done, there are a lot of good tutorials on youtube. The correct execution is very important!

I am thinking about filming another workout video.... what do you think about this? :)

Jenny xo

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